Sermons (Page 13)

Sermons (Page 13)

If you have missed any of the sermons at SGBC, or wish to go back and listen again, you can catch up right here. Use the menus just above to search by sermon series, books of the Bible, speaker or date.

All the sermons below are in date order, with the most recent first.

Counting 50 days

To mark the period between Easter and Pentecost, Andrew preached on the roots of our faith. He led us to consider again the wonder of the events of the first Easter, and of the period of 50 days between Easter and Pentecost. This year we have had a special focus on how those events fulfilled completely the prophecies which are recorded in the Old Testament. And we have…

Who are we?

In early 2017 we started to look at our mission and vision as a church. On 15th January, Chris Justice started by looking at the question “Who are we?” He covered the fact that we are adopted, chosen and called into the family of God.