Sermons on Genesis

Sermons on Genesis

Joseph – The Leader

This Sunday we trace how Joseph has grown into a capable, gifted and Godly leader. Lifted out of a dungeon to become a leader of influence and power who God uses to save many. It’s a story that asks each one of us – what type of person are you becoming ? Who or what is shaping your life?

Joseph – The Dreamer

Today we start a new teaching series on Joseph. Joseph of technicolour dream coat fame was a young person with potential and a God given gift to dream. Yet its a gifting that appears to lead him into trouble. Where will God take him, how will God form him and for what purpose ?

Creation stewardship

In the second of our two harvest services on 4th October we were joined by Laura-Lee Lovering, our BMS contact based in the Peruvian Amazon. Laura spoke to us about creation stewardship in the context of her work with local farmers and drew out some practical lessons for us.

The Great Commission

On 24th February, in a mission focussed service, Paul Bosson spoke about God’s promise to bless all nations through Abraham, and about Jesus’ great commission to his disciples. He went onto talk about how we still have that commission today wherever we find ourselves, at home, at work or overseas. The recording starts with Andrew speaking to Paul and Alison…