Sermons by Chris Justice

Sermons by Chris Justice

Costly discipleship

On 7th February Chris continued the Team Talk, speaking from the second half of John 15 where Jesus encourages his disciples: “Don’t be surprised, don’t be disappointed, don’t give up”. During the talk we watched a recording from Open Doors which can be seen here.

Carols by Candleight

A very different Carols by Candlelight this year. We met over Zoom on the day following the announcement of increased restrictions so it was good to be reminded of the timeless truth about Jesus’ birth through carols, readings and Chris’ talk. The audio recording of the talk is attached. The readings and carols can be watched again:

Jesus’ Team Talk

On 22nd November Chris Justice introduced a new series: Jesus’ team talk. We will follow this over the next few months, looking at the final instructions and encouragement Jesus gave to His disciples, and applying the lessons to ourselves in our current situation,