Sermons by Chris Justice (Page 5)

Sermons by Chris Justice (Page 5)

Who are we?

In early 2017 we started to look at our mission and vision as a church. On 15th January, Chris Justice started by looking at the question “Who are we?” He covered the fact that we are adopted, chosen and called into the family of God.

Induction service for Andrew McCausland

We are delighted that Andrew McCausland has answered God’s call to be our new pastor. Andrew has come from Minehead where he has been senior minister of Minehead Baptist Church for the past ten years. On Sunday 11th September Andrew was inducted as part of a wonderful service of praise and thanksgiving. Chris Justice from Hope Church in Beaconsfield, who was our excellent…

1 Peter 5

On 17th July, Chris Justice from Hope Church in Beaconsfield finished this short series on 1 Peter by covering chapter 5. Chris described how Peter left instructions for church leaders, for the young and for everyone about building a sure foundation for the church.

Living in Grace 1

On each of the four Sundays in October 2015, Chris Justice brought us a series on Living in Grace. Chris is an elder at Hope Church, Beaconsfield, and was moderator of our church during our inter-regnum. On the first Sunday, October 4th, Chris started by defining grace, and in particular by highlighting the depths to which we could fall if we didn’t have grace. From…