Sermons by Andrew McCausland (Page 9)

Sermons by Andrew McCausland (Page 9)

Persistent prayer

On November 6th, Andrew returned to the topic of persistent prayer. Are we too polite in prayer? Jesus teaches us to pray shamelessly, audaciously, boldly and persistently. The recording starts as Andrew asks Lesley, one of our fellowship, to share about the importance of persistent prayer in her life.

Do you love me?

On October 2nd, Andrew moved on to cover the question that Jesus asks us through chapter 21 of the gospel of John: “Do you love me?” Unfortunately technical gremlins prevented the first part of this recording coming out properly, so here is a brief summary. The passage in John 21 deals with Jesus asking Peter three times, “do you love me?”. Each time Peter replies that he…

A fresh vision of Jesus

Our new pastor, Andrew, has already been asked what his vision is for the church. Whilst that is an good question, even more important is the question “What is our vision of Jesus?” Everything else will flow from our answer to that question. At the start of this new chapter in the life of our church, we are going to spend several weeks looking at this question. On…