Do you love me?

Do you love me?

On October 2nd, Andrew moved on to cover the question that Jesus asks us through chapter 21 of the gospel of John: “Do you love me?”

Unfortunately technical gremlins prevented the first part of this recording coming out properly, so here is a brief summary.

The passage in John 21 deals with Jesus asking Peter three times, “do you love me?”. Each time Peter replies that he does, and then Jesus commands him to “take care of His sheep”. Andrew started by saying that the task which Jesus gave Peter depended not on Peter’s skills, capability or even intelligence; it depended simply on Peter answering the question “do you love me?” That must be a source of encouragement for us also. Andrew went on to contrast the two Greek words for love which are used in the original account. The first two times Jesus asks the question, He uses the Greek word “agape” meaning unconditional, sacrificial love. When Peter replies, he uses the Greek word “phileo” meaning fraternal love. Andrew’s wider point here is that throughout Peter’s discipleship, Jesus has been teaching him and leading him on a journey of deepening faith and deepening love.

The recording then picks up as Andrew moves on to ask how our love for Jesus can be deepened.


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