Crossing the River Jordan – a step of faith

Crossing the River Jordan – a step of faith

During the summer of 2017 we had a special visit from Colin Pye, one of our regional ministers. He spoke from Joshua chapter 3 about the step of faith which the Israelites took when they crossed the Jordan. Colin reminded us that this account has fresh meaning for every generation. He encouraged us to think about our own situation and what the account says to us. Unusually, part of the sermon took place with us all standing outside the church, considering the village around us.

We had been joined for the day by Michael and Heather Herbert. Michael was our minister from 1970 to 1983 when the present church was built. He spoke at the end about the step of faith which the small fellowship had taken at that point, and about he had preached from exactly the same passage then. (Since Michael was speaking impromptu, he didn’t have a microphone. Fortunately we have picked up what he said on one of the other mics. The quality isn’t great, but its so encouraging to hear what he said, so do listen right to the end).


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