Counting 50 days

Counting 50 days

To mark the period between Easter and Pentecost, Andrew preached on the roots of our faith. He led us to consider again the wonder of the events of the first Easter, and of the period of 50 days between Easter and Pentecost. This year we have had a special focus on how those events fulfilled completely the prophecies which are recorded in the Old Testament. And we have looked particularly at how the accounts of Jesus’s death, resurrection, appearances and ascension into heaven can only be fully understood in the light of Jewish practice at the time.

We didn’t record the first few sermons as we were in the middle of our church refurbishment.

We pick up the series on 7th May, looking at the account of Jesus’ final appearance to his disciples, and commenting on the fact that this occurred during the period between Passover and the feast of Shavout, a period of 50 days which Jews were (and are) instructed to count. Andrew concluded by suggesting that we should use this period to reflect on our relationship with Jesus, and ask is Jesus really Lord of my life.


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