Summer Sundays: at the well

Summer Sundays: at the well

Over the summer we are providing a recorded “service” each Sunday morning. In addition there will be the chance to meet over Zoom at 10am each Sunday morning.

This is the second Summer Sunday service, recorded at the Seer Green Jubilee Well and other locations in the village.

Here are the notices for the week starting July 26th:

This week we are reading through Paul’s letter to the Colossian Church, and will be chatting together about it at noon each day. A Zoom link will be sent out as usual.

Session 2 of the Bible Study with Chris Justice on Philippians is at 7.30pm on Monday evening by Zoom. This time we will cover the second part of Philippians 1.

Wednesday from 8pm to 9pm. Regular weekly SGBC prayer meeting by Zoom.

Saturday at 7.30pm. The Eighteenth Great SGBC Lockdown Quiz over Zoom.

And finally, it is Geoffrey & Rosemary’s 54th anniversary on Thursday. Congratulations!


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