My woodland glade

My woodland glade

A reflection from Rosemary about how she meets with the Lord.

In these days of self-isolating, come with me to my ‘woodland glade’. Some folk have a special chair for their Quiet Times. My woodland glade is one of my favourite places.
It is a spacious woodland – the trees have room to spread. In the middle of the glade is a pool and today I am beside the pool looking towards the trees.
It is a spring day – the trees are just bursting into leaf with the new fresh green they only have at this time of year. Here and there is a haze of pink blossom. The ground beneath is studded with primroses and wood anemones; and if I went to look, I would probably find shy violets. Soon there will be a carpet of blue – but not just yet.
The air is full of bird song.
There is a warm, gentle breeze and the sun is shining from a clear blue sky dotted with cotton-wool clouds, reflected in the water of the pool – a reminder that my life should reflect Jesus. The water of the pool simply reflects whatever is above it. Soon there will be yellow irises and golden king cups, but not just yet.
And, as I look towards the trees, I see movement – small antelope, species unknown – but it doesn’t matter – browsing beneath the branches. There’s a red squirrel scampering across one tree to another. And rabbits out on the grass.
It isn’t always spring time when I come. If it rains there is a small tent nestled beneath the trees – and once it snowed, gentle snowflakes drifting down, a reminder that we are all different and God works in us in different ways, best suited to who we are.
So here is my woodland glade. It has been a place of challenge; it has been a place of just spending time with Jesus, or my heavenly Father or the Holy Spirit. Why not use your imagination and make it your own.

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