GOL International

GOL International

GOL International is a Christian Charity working in Eastern Europe, dedicated to bringing Jesus Christ to those who don’t yet know him, by reaching out to all through sport and bible based projects. Founded by husband and wife team – Gary and Annie Lester, the charity has its administrative base in Seer Green, but concentrates all of the activities and projects in Romania, Hungary and elsewhere in Eastern Europe.

Here is the latest newsletter from Gary:

We have made two trips in the last year.

In September, I was in Romania for the annual tournament. We had many people there, over 140, and David and Hodu preached the gospel. It was amazing to see how the small kids had grown into teenagers over the last eight years. This September I will be there again for the tournament, and hopefully I may get a chance to visit again beforehand.

The second trip was in November when I visited a number of people but the most important task was to provide stoves for heat and cooking to those who need them. In the past babies have died in Seleus due to the harsh winters with no heat. These stoves are provided by the support of Seer Green Baptist Church.

The children’s programmes continue through Hodu, and SGBC also supports this work, paying for Hodu’s petrol, what’s needed for the programme…. oh and of course sweets for the kids.

In Sapte Noiembrie every Friday there are between 30 to 40 kids. The teenagers programme is smaller as most of them now work, but many of them continue following the Lord and attend church when not working.

In Seleus the kids programme continues only when Norman and Linda are there, but we will support Hodu when they are not there as we have the building. The kids programme can be up to 140 kids, and there has also been a big response for Bible study for the parents. God is at work in these villages. When I look back five years ago Seleus was such a dark place but God’s light is shining in many different ways amongst these people.

What is our vision? What is the need?

In Sapte Noiembrie we have been using the same house for the last 9 years. Hoine who is a very committed believer is expecting her fourth child in June so we will no longer be able to use the house. 18 months ago God provided some land in the village. The vision is to build a building that will serve as a church, as a place for children programmes, and also as space to start a parent and childrens programme up to the age of five years. Then the children can go to kindergarten. We also plan to have a kitchen and a shower block as I don’t know anyone who has a shower in Sapte Noiembrie.

Thank you all again for your support.