Limited access to building during refurbishment

Limited access to building during refurbishment

From Monday 4th February through to the end of March we will be carrying out work at the front of the church to provide a new entrance area.

Access to the church during this period will be through the side door into the lounge, or via the ramp leading into the hall at the rear. The church secretary Tim can arrange access.

Most activities will continue to run as normal. Only a few activities have been cancelled or moved location.

There will be no Toddlers on 6th or 13th February (and 20th February is half term) so Toddlers will resume on 27th February.

Soup and Sweet on 5th February will happen at Gill’s house rather than at the church.

If in doubt about whether an activity is happening, please contact either the organiser, or as a backstop, the church office:


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