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Sunday 20th May, Pentecost Sunday. We met round the communion table and the first part of this recording is the time of prayer which followed. Andrew’s talk starts around 10 minutes in. He spoke on the significance of the harvest celebration of Shavuot (which we now call Pentecost) in the Jewish calendar, and how the harvest of the Holy Spirit on that first…

The Temple of the Holy Spirit

Due to technical challenges the sermon on 15th April was not recorded. In its place, here are some notes of the topics which Andrew covered. Andrew started by reminding us of the “Mission shaped church” series we have been following since January. In summary we had covered the following points: there is a disconnect between church and the everyday culture…

Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday Andrew reminded us of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem as God’s chosen lamb, on the same day that the local people would be choosing a lamb to sacrifice on the Feast of the Passover, four days later. He went on to talk about the events of the coming week, and in particular Jesus’ prayer in Gethsemane which can teach us so much about prayer and…