Christianity – a journey of discovery

Our experience is that Christianity changes lives.

01 Baptism Flavia 006Flavia, one of our fellowship, was baptised recently. Baptism is a very special time when a believer publically affirms that they follow Jesus Christ and the whole church supports them in prayer.

Listen to Flavia as she talks about why she became a Christian and why she wanted to be baptised.

See here for more information on baptism, and more photographs.

Further afield there are many examples from across the internet of life changing experiences. Have a look at these five short examples, all taken from the MyStory website:

Becky Evans explains how Jesus has made a difference to her.

Edita Narusevic asks “why does God allow suffering?”.

Ben Harland asks “Can scientists believe?”.

John McNeill finds joy in Jesus.

And finally Dave Jonsson talks about a second chance of life.


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